A downloadable game

Mine and craft in 6DoF, but it's real work.

 A prototype for Jog-In-Place locomotion on Oculus Quest using the Godot game engine to explore an infinite procedurally generated voxel world.

If you want you can also join the new Voxel Works Discord Server to ask questions, report bugs or chat with other users.

How to Install

Installing applications on your Oculus Quest requires that Developer Mode is active. You can either use the 'adb' android tool to install the .apk or you install the game from SideQuest: https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/431; SideQuest has also a tutorial on how to setup developer mode here: https://sidequestvr.com/#/setup-howto

How to Play

In the current version there are three game modes now. Standard mode will allow stick locomotion and mining via button press. Sportive mode provides a jog-in-place detection for movement and requires swinging at blocks for mining. In creative mode you can fly and place blocks directly.

Have a look at the video on the right for the Jog-In-Place locomotion.

  • Mine voxels: hit them with a swing (or A/X-Button in standard mode)
  • Grab objects: use the grab button (or a fist)
  • Inventory: open by rotating your palm upwards, switch slot with buttons/pinch
  • Building: grab a block and swing at an empty area (or A/X-Button in standard mode)
  • Crafting: you can craft on top of tree trunks. Hit the craft area after you have placed the items.
  • Climbing: grab voxels in the world



  •  early experimental local multiplayer option (thanks to @Konstinople!)  (with port forwarding (1234) enabled you can also  host a game over the internet)
  • enabled registering of Voxel Works Account for world sharing from within the game
  • Disabled local saving for visited worlds
  • Crafting grid rotates now to hand position (@Konstinople)


  •  Share Worlds Feature: You can now visit worlds uploaded by other players (and upload your own worlds)
  • Integrated Mixed Reality Capture Support  - You can now rename your worlds 
  • Settings/Textures Menu is now inside the game 
  • Option to switch handedness (affects at the moment only creative mode) 
  • Option to Offset Player Height  - selected custom texture is now saved 
  • No fade to black in creative mode when head is inside voxels


  • New Game Mode: Creative
  • Option to load your own texture pack within the game
  • Option to increase stick locomotion speed
  • Small position adjustments with stick now possible in sportive mode
  • smaller toolbelt grab area and option to require A/X button press first to allow grabbing things    from the toolbelt (to avoid accidentally grabbing something)
  • hide controller when objects are grabbed 
  • Added controller rumble when controller is inside a block 
  • Transparent blocks (like leaves) are now climbable 
  • Fixed: Crafting tables are now only breakable by hand not by tools 
  • Fixed orientation of right hand arm menu


  • Added craftable toilet paper


  • New Crate block to store items
  • Fixed: starting new world after loading an old one would reapply changes in the world 
  • Internal refactoring to allow for dungeon instances in the future


  • Multiple savegames with different seeds are now possible
  • Added wood hammer and steel hammer (Thanks @BrudaSven)
  • Added reset crafting guide option
  • Added 2 basic flowers
  • Fixed mined blocks spawn wrong block if inventory is full
  • Fixed mining of coal_block and steel_block (requires hammer)


  • Fixed one issue for crashes
  • Fixed mining of leaves
  • Fixed getting stuck in leaves
  • Arm "Menu" with first game settings and coordinates
  • Tool-belt with 2 slots
  • Glass blocks (made from sand on furnace)
  • Stone-hammer as new tool (required for anvil recipes)
  • Added Anvil as crafting area for metals (Thanks @SaltyBoi for the 3d model)
  • Steel-tool recipes (pick, shovel, axe)


  • add wood workbench and stone workbench
  • wooden tools need a wood workbench stone tools a stone workbench 
  • mining stone_with_coal now gives coal lumps (when using a pick) 
  • added recipes for stone_bricks, sandstone and sandstone_bricks 
  • added recipe for coal_block 
  • reduced height of collision box; auto jump should now also trigger for smaller people 
  • footstep sound is now also played with stick locomotion 
  • first version of furnace; no fuel yet. only recipe at the moment is iron_lumb to steel_ingot 
  • can build over plants now

For older change logs check the linked dev logs below.

Some Notes

This is an early version and there are not a lot of mechanics and items implemented yet.  This version includes a basic crafting guide that will appear in front of you when you start.

If you find bugs please report them and I will try to fix them.

I have of course a lot of things in mind that I would like to add if possible in the near future but if you have an idea and you think it is doable from an effort perspective let me know. Some things I consider (besides the obvious things like more voxel types, items and crafting recipes) are improved landscape generation, day/night cycle and in the far future  procedural quests.

This version has hand tracking enabled but keep in mind that you need good conditions for hand tracking to work reliably enough for gaming. Touch controllers is the recommended way to play.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeoSpark314


The prototype was made using the Godot Game Engine, the Godot Oculus Quest Toolkit  and the Godot voxel module.

The textures and sound effects used are from the minetest_game
released under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) 


VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.11.apk 16 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.10.apk 15 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.9.apk 15 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.8.apk 14 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.7.apk 14 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.6.apk 14 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.5.apk 14 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.4.apk 13 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.3.apk 13 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.2.apk 13 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.1.apk 12 MB
VoxelWorksQuest_0.3.0.apk 14 MB

Development log


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Damm its a good game i have played it even had tp and gold life was good but what i dont understand why is there a health bar if there is none fall damage or hostile mobs (add both plz) and also add bow somehow :p and a list of all online servers like in mc ( but of course these are only ideas for 0.3.12 apk)


How would you get this to work on The Rift S or is this a Quest only game?

at the moment it is a quest only game; but it is open source and godot has rift support so porting it should be possible without too much effort

Got it, Thank you.



APK is the format used to install to android devices. And the oculus quest VR headset is an android device.


ItS nOt LeTiNg Me DoWnLoAd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is teleport based movement feature implemented? I really enjoy the game but I also get motion sick very easily

no; Teleport is not yet implemented; you could try the jog in place motion; for some people it helps with motion sickness (but it is of course quite strenuous).


Please add mobs as fast as you can, I want to kill them with the motion controls

How do you open a wooden crate? And what are the wooden workbenches for?

Currently you can put a single type of item into a wooden crate; and then you can just take them out by grabbing into the crate (so there is no way to open them).

The wooden workbenches are for crafting wooden tools; you can also craft the stone workbench on it and then use it for stone tools.

how do you craft in a workbench

You put items from your inventory on top of the bench; they should start rotating; the recipes to craft are on a "crafting guide" that spawns near your starting location. When the bottom of the crafting area turns green you have a valid recipe. You then can either press the A/X button with your hand over the area or you hit the crafting area with a swing (same as mining).

Hope this helps; if you still have questions you could also join our discord linked above to discuss.

Thank you so much for this game! I absolutely love it! I don't have any suggestions or complaints, just requests. Please don't ever lose the climbing mechanic. It's perfect. I love hanging from a rock face with one hand and swinging my pick axe with the other. And please don't lose the ability to place minature inventory items anywhere in the world. This is how I will make fences and doors and furniture, etc. This also allows for jagged edges and curve simulation. The possibilities are endless. This is by far my favorite vr game! It's therapy and a workout rolled into one. It's not minecraft and it shouldn't be. This is Voxel Works! It's better IMO! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you so much for this feedback! It makes me really happy to hear that you are having fun with it. The climbing is also one of my favorite mechanics. Climbing in VR just always feels so nice.

I hope that you do not run into performance problems when placing too many objects. 

At some point I would love to visit your world. I plan to make the register feature part of the client in one of the next updates (at the moment I need to create accounts for uploading worlds manually)

Thanks again! cu

Just tried Voxel Works Quest. As someone with 300 hours in Minecraft, I love it.
How can I shove you with some money to make sure you bring this into a commercial product?
The best thing I like was the jog-in-place part, I miss walking.


So I love this game. I have been playing it for days and hours but I have some problems and suggestions. First, can you add animals and/or monsters to the game that would be really cool.  Second, can you add physics to the game with items and stuff? Third, day and night cycle that would be cool. If any of this stuff is planned and/or happening let me know. Also I can鈥檛 seem to save my game, when I press the menu button it takes me to the start screen but none of my worlds show up, how do I fix that? Thanks and continue the great work!

Hi, thanks for the nice feedback. I think most of the things you suggest are at least planned (but they will require quite a lot of work; so don't expect them too soon); here is an overview of ideas and also roughly what is planned and what I am working on: https://trello.com/b/WoM1BXHc/voxel-works-quest

Regarding the save issue. I heard from others with the same issue. Not sure what causes this but I think uninstalling the game; rebooting your quest and then installing it again fixed it for most. If not you could join our discord and we can try to debug it together. The game should save every time you exit it or go back to the menu area.

thank you I will try it and I checked out the website, it all sounds great! Keep up the good work!

I am having trouble with the saving system... Is it possible to save? Whenever I press the menu button it takes me to the menu but I never see the worlds I created. Am I missing something?

The game saves automatically when you exit or go back to the start area. Do you have the latest version? The latest version (0.3.6) allows to have multiple saves and create new worlds with a different seed.

Yes I am on the letest version but I didn't know that it was with the terrain key. Thanks! :D

how'd the hookshot turn out

I have not yet started on this.

Is it just me or crafting is broken in current version? I've been trying to craft basic wooden pickaxe (as seen on video on this page), to no avail.

In one of the last updates I introduced a wooden and a stone crafting table; they are now required to craft a tools. You see the requirements at the bottom of the in game crafting guide. The wooden crafting table can be crafted on the tree trunk.

(3 edits)

Ive been loving this game. I played until my quest died, but one suggestion. I was wondering if maybe you can add a chest or storage unit. It doesnt have to hold a lot. I was thinking like 9 items but less than that would be ok too. I just wish I didnt have to throw my stuff away . but other than that I think it's amazing.


Thank you for this very nice feedback! Chests would indeed be very nice. They are already on the todo list (https://trello.com/b/WoM1BXHc/voxel-works-quest); I will try to add something like this as soon as possible.

Loving this game so far! After only playing it for like half an hour, I have some suggestions. First of all, I think it would be cool if you could craft more things at once, for example, if you could put 10 logs on the crafting bench at once, and get 40 planks from it. Hope that wasn't too confusing. Also, I'm wondering if there are plans for adding mobs to the game like animals and/or monsters. If so, I'd love to see a day/night cycle in the game. Finally, could you make physics on the tools, so I could yeet tools I don't need anymore like wood shovels. Thanks! :D

just wondering, this question might be very early for the game. But are you thinking of adding player models to Voxel works? I鈥檓 the person who reported the crafting glitch, I am excited to see what you are able to accomplish with this project. I hope I鈥檒l see more in the future. Also! Idk if you noticed but on the right controller to see your distance stats, it is flipped! it鈥檚 should be a simple fix though.

Thank you for reporting the flipped arm menu. Will try to fix it in the next update.

Regarding player models. At some point I think yes but at the moment it is not on the immediate todo list as I think there are more urgent things do include in the game. But feel free to disagree :-). If you are interested you could also join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/7hvHAad there are already some interesting dicussions ongoing what could or should be included next.


Nice work, I tried it today and I really like the climbing option. The two big cons actually for me is the empty world (no monsters or animals to interact with) and the crafting/inventory. I just did some recipe and without the starting help, I didn't understand what I was doing wrong, until I saw that I was using wood instead of stone. Also, each time that I put a stick in the middle and that I want to remove the top object (when crafting), the stick takes so much space that I need to put it away before moving the object on the top position.

Otherwise, it feels nice (and strange?) to evolve in the world of Minecraft. Good job ! 

Thank you for the detailed feedback! Tutorials are one of the many things still missing. But since the game is in a very early stage and I plan to change many things in the future I decided to invest my time better in working on the new things. For example the crafting will definitely need some rework I hope to address in a future update. I created the discord server for now so people who are interested can ask questions and also discuss suggestions.

(1 edit)

So I put on my kids' Oculus Quest, clicked Download... it downloaded 14.66MB.  I can't find it anywhere - library, downloads, etc.  How to get it to run?


You need to install it either via the android 'adb' tool or you can install it via SideQuest: https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/431; they also have a tutorial on their page on how to set up your oculus quest for installing external software.

I just updated the description of the game to include some instructions on how to install. Let me know if this helps or if I need to change something in the description. Thanks for asking!

you need to put your holster in the Update event, it鈥檚 acting chunky on rotations. But other wise great work!


Yes; this is a bit strange at the moment. I was struggling where to put the update. When I linked it to the head rotation it was bad because it rotated away when you were looking at your tools. As a compromise I chose in this version to orient it when a "step" was taken... I hope I find a better solution soon.

Good attempt for a good idea through! I just found another glitch, I placed objects in the crafting tables and broke the block under it. I did not expect this!

Also idk if it鈥檚 my controller, but I keep moving slowly in one direction. I hope this was also helpful!

Thank you for reporting this! The issue is that I don't recheck after mining of a voxel if the state depending on the voxel is still valid. A similar issue is that you can mine the voxel you are gripping during climbing and the grip will still be there even when the voxel is gone. I will try to fix this in an upcoming update; but probably not in the next one as this will require some change in my logic on how I create/remove these things.

Installed this with Sidequest 2 days ago. Its already a lot of fun for me. Completely drained my new 20.000 powerbank playing this yesterday :D

Can you already tell when the next update is planned and what will be in it? I guess progress won't be lost when installing the newest Version, right?

Also, are you looking for any help with this game?

Cool; thanks for the nice feedback. The last few weeks I pushed out a small update each weekend. But not sure if I can keep this up; especially if I start working on something bigger than just adding a new block or fixing bugs.

I created a Trello to give a rough overview what I'm currently working on and what is planned: https://trello.com/b/WoM1BXHc/voxel-works-quest

Help would be great. I'm still in a very early stage and try to figure out in what direction I would like to take this project. In what area could you start helping out?  If you want you could join our Voxel Works discord: https://discord.gg/sbV2pq. There it is easy to discuss, exchange ideas and ask questions.

It would also be really cool if you could put items on your back.!

Yes. Agreed. This was also suggested by other people on the voxel works discord. I'm planning to start working on it soon (if you are interested what I'm currently roughly working on you can check out the Voxel Works Trello: https://trello.com/b/WoM1BXHc/voxel-works-quest).

hello! It鈥檚 me again, I found mistake in your coding. I hope this helps you, when you mine coal and your inventory is full it gives you coal ore.

Thank you! I found the mistake; Will be fixed in the next update.


very nice start  i tried this on quest  

i think the idea to bring real interaction into the world is a great idea for vr

Next I would suggest some wildlife perhaps, getting kinda lonely in there with my block of cobble as a friend lol, xbox controller support for seated gameplay, storage is a must have because i have so much coal lying about ive practically made a coal carpet, ladders?, custom texture packs accessable through a folder on the quest so i can just plop em in and load em up in game like minecraft, multiple worlds, crafting book for noobs, a graple similar to the hookshot from zelda (something to set it apart from regular minecraft), Would i be pushy asking for in game music (contact me if you need compositions ;) anyways I fucking love this game dude keep it up, god knows how many hours i've put into it.

Wow, thanks for the nice feedback and all these great suggestions. I
will see what I can pick up out of them. It's really cool to hear that
you can have already this much fun with the prototype even though it
is in a very early state.

You could solve your coal "problem" in the current version by creating
coal blocks out of 9 coal lumps and build a coal house ;-).

The hookshot is a great suggestions; I will try to do some prototyping
with this idea. Not sure about ladders as currently every surface is
already climbable. XBox controller support I would rather not add as
the game should be a VR game with VR interactions. Tweaking the
systems for another input method will affect the way I try to design
the game into a classical direciton. I think there are enough standard
games already there; I would rather like to spend my time on exploring
at least partially new things.

Music would be nice. But at the moment the game is in such an early
state and I don't know yet in what kind of direction it will evolve
and how the final feeling/mood will end up. But any CC licensed music
that fits I would use in the next iterations of the prototype.

Multiple worlds is planned. I need to code a simple save game manager
in the main menu and then it should be possible to create new
savegames (and also worlds with a different seed).

(2 edits)

I loved playing your game! One of my favourite things to do In VR is to explore, and the game allowed me to do that.  I  also had fun creating a house for my self. I was just wondering I could give you some suggestions on more useful  content  in the future ?

1- storage

2- Doors

3- Windows

4- Flowers

5- Compass?

It鈥檚 your game, and I love to see more of interesting mechanics in the future. 

Thank you for the nice feedback! I'm currently working on improving the inventory a bit. I'll look into adding windows. That would make houses much nicer. For Doors I need to see how much work it will be to add them with some reasonable VR interaction. Compass is a good idea. I plan to make some menu screen attached to the arm; Maybe I can add something basic there. Flowers is also cool; since I already have the grass making some simple flowers would be relatively easy.



Version 0.3.2 is quite nice, I like being able to move with the joystick + the jog BUT I have a big problem sometimes when I start running on the spot the game freezes and it crashes ...  solutions?

Thank you for reporting the issue. Other people mentioned crashes already but without any details. Do you know if this happens while pressing the stick and at the same time trying to jog?
I will experiment on my side and as soon as I can reproduce the issue on my side I will work on fixing it. 

Cheers, NeoSpark314

I had no problems with the standard mode

Thanks again for reporting and the description. I found the bug. I just uploaded 0.3.3 here on itch and also on sidequest. It fixes this issue. Let me know if you run into any other problem with this release.

is it playable on quest?

It is playable on the Oculus Quest. You can install it via SideQuest: https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/431 (they have a tutorial on their site to explain how sideloading works). Or you need to download the .apk from here and sideload it manually via adb after you have setup developer mode for your oculus quest.

Now I want virtual reality really bad.

;c good game tho

Thank you. Yes VR is really very fun; especially to explore some new gameplay concepts.

Voxel works quest / Tool detection Test #1 (Oculus Quest)
Types: Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Sword

Thank you so much! This is invaluable feedback and SO helpful to see it in a video  how you swing the tools and interact with the blocks.

One issue I already see is that in the current code you need to move the controller at least 30cm; (so you need to really pull back to hit). If I want to keep this I would need to explain this somehow in game. The reason for this mechanic was to avoid spamming fast hits to quickly destroy a block and rather require more real-world like swinging motions with a tool.

I will recheck all the hit locations on the tools; there seems to be some bugs there too.

Thanks again! I will tune this for the next update as much as I can.

(1 edit)

We also really need jump

also, if you want to, you can send me some ideas for 3D objects that you need made but don鈥檛 have time, I could make them in blender and send you the file.


Jump would be very interesting...especilaly if I manage to detect actually a small jump during jog in place :-) How would you like to use it; do you want to cross some gaps that are deeper than one block or do you have other things in mind?

The offer with the models is great. If you are willing to release your models under a "CC By" license we could test some things :-). I don't have yet the code to add models; but plan to work on it soon. Would you also be able to texture and make simple animations? I also would really like to add some first simple mob to the game just to see how it is in VR; not sure what this would be; a classic would be a cube slime...)

If you want you can reach me also via discord: NeoSpark314#4701

(3 edits) (+1)

1. The tools don't actually have hit detection  but rather the controller holding the tool is being detected. So, even if you swing the tool, if your controller is not in contact with the block, nothing happens. 

2. The avatar seems to be about 2 blocks tall. So, if you mine only the top block of the side of a wall, you can move forward without mining the leg height blocks. You go over the leg height block into something like a crotch but then, when moving forward, lower body is clipping through the  leg height blocks. All ends up weird with half of your body phasing through blocks.

3. The jogging only is triggered when, after the headset goes up above the starting height by 2 inches or so, the headset goes down to the starting height. Why not trigger motion going up and down both ways? and reduce the detection height to 1 inch. Side note, nothing for going below the starting height and up. 

4. You need to at least instruct the players better on how to place blocks. fling the controller holding the block 3 ~4 times in the same location is not easy to understand at first.  Personally, I don't get why there is a need to include mini-blocks floating in the air. Why not let them drop in place in unfinished mode? You can make a hammer to hit the blocks to finish them up.

Thank you so much for the continued feedback! This is invaluable and really motivating to continue working on the prototype :-)

1. I will check/test it again this afternoon; could easily be that I made some mistake with marking the interaciton points on the tools. One think to keep in mind though is that at the moment you still need to move the Controller ~30cm for a hit to trigger (not the interaction point at the tool); the idea was that you still need to move signficiantly to work on a block.

2. I can try to block the movement forward when there is a lower block in front of you. Would indeed make more sense. But it will probably take me some time to figure this out as I still would like to keep the "autojump" feature that you can run up blocks which make the logic to check what should happen a bit more complex because now I just run forward if there is no block in front of your head and move up when there is space above you.

3. I'll try to start the detection also on the "high" point; this is a good suggestion (in my experiments my gait was that I always went down when starting to jog in place; but that might easily be totally different for other people). One problem with the thresholds is that I need to make sure that the walking does not trigger easily when performing other motions (especially mining, looking around or leaning); also the latency should be as small as possible (which means I can't look to much into the past to make the decisions); if you are intereseted in the details you can have a look here: https://github.com/NeoSpark314/godot_oculus_quest_toolkit/blob/master/utilities/oqrec_recordings/run_in_place_analysis.ipynb this is a (slightly older version than in v0.3.1) of the step detection algorithm; there you also see that at least for my gait my running always started at a low point.

4. Yes; this needs to change. It was just the fastest solution that came to my mind when I wanted to release 0.3.0. The suggestion with the hammer is awesome! I will try to add this; how do you think "unfinished" should look? I could make it that you can finish it with a hand but later when you crafted a hammer it goes much faster. What do you think: should an unfinished block just stay there for ever? or should it disappear after some time?

Thanks again; btw. If you want you could also reach me via Discord: NeoSpark314#4701

1. I found out when the tools did nothing. I got very close until my controller were hitting the block and there was a reaction

2. It could be complicated I guess. You'll have to check both whether there is a block in front of your head and whether there is a block above that block. At this moment,  "autojump" feature in this situation becomes  "autojump" and "crouch" but not easy to visualize "crouch" in VR.  There would be less issues if the avatar was one block tall but that creates more issues with other game mechanics 

3. The only thing I have to add is that people barely move above their starting height playing VR in the vertical  movement.  I bet even if you get the detection down by half an inch, it would be fine.

4. Not really original idea on my part. Games like "medieval engineers" on PC did it before. If you want to be simple, make them a bit transparent? or just put in a block frame. It get the impression you want to be less arcadey than base Minecraft.   "medieval engineers" was bit bit more like that. Slightly more realistic build simulator games. 

Will check the discord ID. I'm a novice with that service at the moment.

With which tool was the problem you describe in 1. ?

I just did a brief test with pick axe; there it worked for me as intended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vBfgo3_J1A  (in the video my controller is far from the actual voxel I'm digging with the tip of the pick)

I did not know about Medieval Engineers; this looks really cool (and inspiring) from the videos I have watched. Thanks for sharing this!

Will try to get you a video but my version died with just a black screen coming up. Need to remove and reinstall the program.

Do you already have the version 0.3.1 installed; this has a reset start position to work around a bug in 0.3.0. With 0.3.1 you can just update without uninstall (uninstall would loose your save file if you did not back it up before using for example SideQuest)

(2 edits)

I think it is awesome so far and can鈥檛 wait to see what will become of this! I do have a few suggestions that I don鈥檛 think have been said or are *necessary* , but would be cool: a strap on your back that can be used to hold tools and a little pocket-thing hat goes in your waists for smaller tools like torches ( or whatever light source) and food.

keep up the great work, even if Minecraft does come out for the quest, I will still return to this often.


Thanks a lot for this nice feedback and the great suggestion. The strap on the back for tools would indeed be very cool; but I fear it would not work with the current limitations of hand tracking on the quest. But the putting something like a tool-belt at the waist would work. And would allow to carry the tools visibly and just grab them quickly when you need them... I think I will try to add this in one of the next updates.

Implementing lighting and lightsources though will take me some time. I currently plan to focus first more on adding a bit more recipes and some of the missing core mechanics.

Thanks again! cu.

https://www.facebook.com/fennvee.mask.7/videos/599643777516402/ no clue what is going on here https://www.facebook.com/fennvee.mask.7/videos/599646330849480/ if you had a world from 0.3.0 with a log with things on it and update to 0.3.1 you can putt 2 things on 1 log


Hi; thanks a lot for the videos! This is very very helpful. 

The first one looks really fascinating; I have at the moment not the slightest idea how this can happen... I will try to investigate. Does this happen when you load into the game? Did I see this correctly that you could catch the flying pickaxe out of the air?!

The second problem is that actually when you save, the objects are removed from the crafting area and just stored as normal objects in space. (They rotate when you put them on the crafting area); so you can just put another object on the crafting area and the floating one will just be ignored; I will need to find a solution for the many floating objects anyway; too many of them might become a performance problem at some point.

(1 edit)

with the flying axe i just let go of the axe then started doing that and yes i did catch it

(2 edits)

First, new update. In the page, you get the wood axe wrong.  *wait, may depend on point of view. Something to look into. (Opposite side view will change it.)

Woodaxe:    [- W W] 
            [- S W]            
            [- S -]    

Second, the locomotion. The fix doesn't really fix the issue with jogging. There is a bit difference but not much. Still have to be airless at some point to move. With that much movement, the quest it self bubbles up and down. Weirdly , it works well when I stand on my toes and then stand normally. up and down. This may not be good for my joints long term though. 

Third, the inventory seem limited in amount you can carry with the tools made take up one slot and you can carry only 4 sticks a slot compared to the number of trees you can carry in one slot. 

Fourth, how do you pull up menu in game. Not sure how to save and get up without manually shutting the game down.

Thanks for the good work. The game looks great.

Thank you for the detailed and constructive feedback! 

1. Regarding the crafting: the orientation should not matter. Both versions should work ingame and result in the same output.

2. At some point I will try to include a tutorial. In theory you should be able to move with a really light and natural jogging motion without too much movement (check the video how I'm moving at the beginning). But I know that the gait can be very different for different people. I will try to do a user study at some point in the future and use this to improve the detection more.

3. For the inventory I am still searching for a good solution on how to do it both from an interaction as well as from a gameplay perspective. I plan to include at some point craftable upgrades that increase space so I did not want to make it too big in the first release. But you are right; a stack size of 4 sticks is way too small. For the tools: I want to create a toolbelt but did not get it finished in time for the first release... so I just put them into the inventory for now. Will change this in some future update for sure.

4. There is no ingame menu yet; the game will save when the Quest goes to sleep or you press the menubutton to exit the game.

The way you listed above woodaxe recipe didn't work but switching where I placed the wood to the other side did. The other ones work but they mirror each side of each other. 

In terms of walking, I may not be lifting my feet high enough during normal jogging. I've been told I drag my feet a bit. I just should play it like a ballerina. Up and toes. Down on feet. repeat. It works far better and far less tiring.

Thanks for being very responsive. 

Thank you for reporting the issue with the woodaxe recipe; I think I found the bug in my symmetry detection :-); will be fixed in the next update; then both should work. 

Regarding the walking: this would work; but is probably a bit less immersive I think; will try it out myself. Basically I'm detecting the head up/down motion in a specific frequency.

Have you thought about detecting controllers swinging on the side? People act differently when trying to jog, I just noticed trying your great work with my daughters. While I immediately tried a lightly jumping up and down walk, my youngest one instinctively walked with her arms swinging on the side; especially for smaller people, this might give you better information on a walking movement. Plus, it might be more relaxing experience to some, if they can just walk instead of jogging.

Thank you for the feedback! Arm swinging could indeed be an option in the future. One of the main reasons I have not yet explored this is that this would not work with hand tracking (both the accuracy as well as the tracking volume are not yet good enough on the quest to reliably detect this kind of motion). But with controllers this could be reliably detected I think. The only trade-off that I see at the moment is that you will not be able to freely use tools (or weapons) while moving.

The argument with arm swinging would be more relaxing is also true. At the moment the main goal of the prototype though is to explore how the gameplay mechanics and design are influenced when achieving something in-game is real effort. For this goal the jog in place is more fitting but I still plan to explore different options once I have most of the basic mechanics implemented.

do u neee a pc to get it on the quest


You need a PC to install it and have your Quest in developer mode; but it is also available on SideQuest: https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/431; they have a tutorial on how to install non oculus-store software on the quest.

can you install this game from a quest or do you need a pc

You need a PC to install it and have your Quest in developer mode; but it is also available on SideQuest: https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/431; they have a tutorial on how to install non oculus-store software on the quest.

It may be possible to install from the quest, but you do need a PC to set up.

Use sidequest to install an Android apk installer, then you can use the quest browser to download apks to your quest and install them.

Ive only tested it with more traditional 2d installs (Discord to test) but I'd assume it should work with any apk.

Hey thank you for making a minecraft for quest i hope you add everything that minecraft has and we r all greatfull

Thanks for the feedback. I will probably a bit more of the core mechanics but my plan is to actually start introducing new mechanics soon to explore physical interaction with a virtual world a bit more.

if you spam an axe or any tool in and out of you inv it will dupe the tool https://www.facebook.com/fennvee.mask.7/videos/597023417778438/

Oh! Thanks a lot for reporting and sending in the Video. This is very helpful! I will try to fix this a.s.a.p. Very nice house you have build :-)

bloody amazing for a prototype game and its like a workout

Thank you for these nice words. Very encouraging :-).

how do i play this?

You need an Oculus Quest VR headset. If you have one and don't know yet how to install an .apk; it is also on SideQuest (https://sidequestvr.com/#/app/431). SideQuest has a tutorial on how to get external things running on Oculus Quest .

Thank you

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