v0.3.10: Share World Online Feature + Mixed Reality Capture

Seeing the screenshots and videos shared by players in the Voxel Works discord (https://discord.gg/7hvHAad) was always a great source of inspiration for me to continue working on Voxel Works. With the addition of a basic creative mode in version 0.3.9 I now wanted to be able to see "for real" what others are building. 

For this reason I decided to build an experimental share world online feature and the option to visit an uploaded world from the main menu. In the main menu you can now download a list of players that shared their worlds: 

If you want to upload a world you will need a Voxel Works account. Since this is a very early feature in development you will currently need to request an account in the Voxel Works discord. Later I plan to enable registering from within the game. There is also a lot of work to do to make usability of this feature better.

One player (Tizitendo) already tried out this feature in a development build and shared his great creation from creative mode:

The other bigger feature addition in this version is support for Mixed Reality Capture. Oculus provides a library that supports integrating mixed reality capture. Since I recently worked on adding this feature to my Godot Oculus Quest Toolkit (https://github.com/NeoSpark314/godot_oculus_quest_toolkit/wiki/Feature_MixedRealityCapture) I also wanted to expose it in Voxel Works. You can see it in action in this video: 


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May 16, 2020

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