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The Impossible Crypt is a game prototype to test the use of Impossible Spaces for VR Dungeon Crawling on the Oculus Quest using only real physical locomotion.

Note that this is a very early prototype. There is no game-play or objective yet and you can only walk around the simple generated dungeon.

The game uses a tile-based generation algorithm to create overlapping dungeon layouts in a limit space. For the algorithm to work properly you need at least 2.5m x 2.5m of free space (better are >= 3.5m x 3.5m). 

The reconfiguration of the space is hidden by a lantern that has a limited illumination radius. This allows to explore a large area by walking only inside a fixed limited space.  It can generate the illusion of actually walking a long distance in a fantasy dungeon. 

The main inspiration for this comes from the 2013 paper Flexible Spaces: https://www.ims.tuwien.ac.at/projects/flexible-spaces and also from the amazing work done by Void Room in Tea for God: https://void-room.itch.io/tea-for-god.


As this is a very early prototype it contains some placeholder artwork that will be replaced in future updates. The credits are:


TheImpossibleCrypt_v0.0.1.apk 40 MB


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I`m really upset that this game is not being updated, I see a lot of potential in games that I can walk in the real world and there is very few games like this. NeoSpark314 dont abandon this game please

Only could try it in my standing place (2x3 squares), but still got a little taste of the corridors and the darkness. The fact that you cannot see the floor and the ceiling at the same time really sells the feeling of a dungeon!

PS: would be fun to put swarming rats/snakes on the floor in some rooms to scare ppl :))

PPS: can't wait to try it in a bigger room on the weekend.

PPPS: didn't know VR for Quest was possible in the Godot!