You need to find the treasure of the fallen city. Fight your way down through a hostile environments and use the skills on magic items you find to survive.


This is a turn based dungeon crawler. After each of your moves the monsters either move or attack you. Try to use skills attached to items to avoid being attacked or be the first one to attack.

Items have skills and charges. You can use a skill when the item is equipped. Item skills can be recharged in the inventory using gold. You can also destroy items inside the inventory and receive gold for it.

With a gamepad this game can be played in VR.



  • Left Stick: move/attack/loot
  • Right Stick: look around
  • L / R: rotate left/right
  • Y-Button: open/close inventory
  • A-Button: menu action / inventory action (Equip/Use, Recharge, Destroy)
  • X-Button: toggle inventory action (inside inventory)
  • B-Button: trigger active skill
  • A-Button + Left Stick: select active skill
  • Start: open menu


  • W: move forward/attack/loot
  • A S D: move sideways and backwards
  • Q E: rotate left/right
  • R or I: open/close inventory
  • Space: menu action / inventory action (Equip/Use, Recharge, Destroy)
  • T: toggle inventory action (inside inventory)
  • Key 1-6: trigger skill
  • ESC: open menu


The game was developed by

  • Philipp Mehler
  • Holger Dammertz (NeoSpark314)

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