This is an in-development toolkit for basic VR interactions for the Godot 3.2 game engine.  The main target is native development for the Oculus Quest but it also supports WebXR export and Desktop VR (via the OpenVR module)

The main development repository is on github:
This repository will always contain the most up-to-date version in the master branch and some experimental developments in separate branches.
A slightly older version is also available via the godot asset library:

If you want to try the demo .apk on your oculus quest you can install it via sidequest from

Features so far:2D UI canvas with controller interaction and Virtual Keyboard

  • Joystick locomotion and rotation (smooth and step)
  • Rigid body grab
  • Basic Player Collision
  • Falling and Climbing logic
  • Oculus Mixed Reality Capture Integration
  • Hand Tracking support with included hand models and basic gesture detection
  • VR Simulator and VR Recorder (for easier testing on desktop)
  • Several utilities to accelerate prototyping and debugging (Log, Labels, ...)
  • Jog in Place detection 

If you have questions or run into problems please open an issue in the gitbub or contact me at the official Godot Discord: @NeoSpark314 in the #XR channel.

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